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The Panton Fellowship – April (month 1)

May 4th, 2012 | Posted by rmounce in Panton Fellowship updates

If you haven’t heard yet – I was successful in my Panton Fellowship proposal
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I wasn’t the only successful applicant either – huge congratulations to Sophie Kershaw and her excellent proposal to train doctoral students how to do Open Science at Oxford University. We’ll be working together on shared goals throughout the year I suspect

As part of the Fellowship process I’ll be making monthly short reports on progress and more lengthy quarterly reports.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been getting up to in April:

  • For the main component of my proposal – extracting phylogenetic data from PDF’s – I’ve spent the month getting up to speed with things with the expert guidance of PMR. I even spent a whole day (16th Apr) in Cambridge with PMR working on this. Things are coming on in leaps and bounds.
  • Visited Digital Science HQ in King’s Cross to have a chat with them about all the exciting web technology they’re working on.
  • Successfully arranged for the Open Knowledge Foundation to have a stall, and possibly a talk at the upcoming Progressive Palaeontology academic conference in Cambridge later this month.
  • Raised transparency and Open Data issues at the Systematics Association council meeting. As a result of this, we will soon upload our official constitution to our website to make it crystal clear what our guiding principles are. Additionally, all council members unanimously agreed in principle that we should try and make the data underlying our future Systematics Association special volume publications Open Data online somewhere, somehow – but we need to get feedback and agreement from our publisher, Cambridge University Press before we proceed further with this.
  • Together with Sophie Kershaw we agreed a strategy for our OKFest plans and with the excellent help of Laura Newman submitted a talk session proposal for the OKfestival, Helsinki later this year.
  • Attended the OKFN London Open Science hackday, further details on that are in my previous blogpost.


and of course this is all concurrent with my ‘regular’ PhD work which included, two manuscripts currently being prepared, 3 conference abstract submissions (and associated work to actually have something to write about!), undergrad demonstrating work and all the other day to day stuff.

I even had time for a small holiday over the long Bank Holiday weekend, to St Austell to see The Lost Gardens of Heligan & The Eden Project amongst other things.

It’s been a busy month!


PS I’ve been enjoying the new HTML classes on Codecademy. Below I’m going to see if some of these new HTML tricks work in WordPress:

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