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About Me

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Welcome to my blog.

You’ll find I write posts on academia, open access, biodiversity informatics, phylogenetics, palaeontology, conferences, hackathons and other such here.

I’m currently a postdoc at the Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge. I studied Biology as an undergrad student at Imperial College, progressed to a Masters degree at the NHM, before completing my PhD at the University of Bath.

As a direct consequence of my research I have become involved with the Open Knowledge Foundation, particularly the Open Science Working Group as I think there is much room for improvement in the way that science is currently done – particularly with regard to providing Open Data & Code in re-usable and frictionless ways.

As of 2012 I am a Panton Fellow & council member of the Systematics Association

Some of the themes of my research are demonstrated in this presentation below:

If I was doing research with molecular sequences I’d have GenBank, and life would be a lot easier. But for morphological data – it’s an entirely different ball game. There are databases but not many people in this community use them like MorphoBank & Dryad which I’m glad to say people are using more and more now, although they didn’t in the recent past.

I use this blog as a platform for open comment on Open Science.