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About Me

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Welcome to my blog.

You’ll find I’ve written posts on academia, open access, biodiversity informatics, phylogenetics, palaeontology, conferences, hackathons and other such here.

I’m currently the Open Access Grants Manager at Arcadia Fund. Prior to this I was a postdoc at the Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge. I studied Biology as an undergrad student at Imperial College, progressed to a Masters degree at the NHM, and completed my PhD at the University of Bath.

As a direct consequence of my research I became involved with Open Knowledge, particularly the Open Science Working Group. There is much room for improvement in the way that science is currently done – particularly with regard to providing Open Data & Code in re-usable and frictionless ways.

As of 2012 I am a Panton Fellow & council member of the Systematics Association.


I use this blog as a platform for open comment on Open Science.